Bisexual Umbrella



The book Bi Notes for a Bisexual Revolution by Shiri Eisner talks about a variety of topics. One of them is the bisexual umbrella and those who fall under that umbrella, its in way similar too those who fall under the transgender umbrella. “Bisexuality isn’t only a form of desire but also a carrier of multiple meanings.


Bisexuality is people who are sexuality or romantically to people of more than one sex and/ or gender, not necessarily at the same time, or in the same way and not necessarily of the same degree. Some of the identities those are included under the bisexual umbrella.


  • Pansexual/omnisexual– people who are attracted (sexually, romantically, and/or otherwise) to people of all genders and sexes or to multiple genders and sexes, or regardless of sex and gender, and who identify as pan/omni.
  • Polysexual– people who attracted (sexually, romantically, and/or otherwise) to people of many genders and sexes (but not all), and who identify as poly
  • Queer- a non-specific identities that describes anyone diverging from heterosexuality, monogamy, and vanilla (non-kink) sexuality. In a bi-spectrum context, its used to denote attraction to people of more than one, or of many, genders
  • Fluid- describes attraction that changes or might change over time (toward people of various generators)
  • Homoflexible/Lesboflexible– people who are usually attracted to people of genders similar to their own, but might occasionally be attracted to people of gender different from their own.


These are just some of the identities and words that fall under the bisexual umbrella. We need to come together as a group to achieve the goals of the bisexual movement from every state and across the country but also around the world. We need to break down the preconceived notations and myths of our community. We have an obligation to break down our barriers and make out presents known, just as know as those of the Lesbian and Gay activists and members of the movement and community.


It is mentioned in the book “Politics or the True Meaning of Bi” it is send that “bisexuality is much more than just an identity. Like with every concept in society, bisexuality carries many associations and connotations- not only about itself, but also about the world in general. As opposed to the popular belief I mentioned in the beginning, not only is bisexuality worth talking about, but also it offers a very rich array of connotations and knowledge, with enormous political and activist potential.


The Gay and Lesbian community are running a race for Marriage Equality across all 50 states, 14 of which now have it.  While some of the community Bisexual and Transgender how lack the basic human rights. The myths surrounding bisexuality make real problems in the medical community for us, and many other similar issues.