Sign the Petition No “Bathroom Bill” in Ohio

Sharing this on behalf of a friend and fellow activist Tom Morgan of Ohio. As he works to make sure NO “Bathroom Bill” comes to the legislative body in the State of Ohio.

As these ridiculous bathroom bills keep gaining momentum, Transgender people have been put wrongfully in the spotlight being labeled in the same category as perverts, predators, rapists, child molesters and pedophiles. All these accusations are falsified. There is no proof, no evidence or no cases of transgender people assaulting another human being for any reason but to defend themselves. Quite the opposite case thou when it comes to Cisgender individuals. Many many cases of pedophiles, child molesters, peeping toms and rapists are cisgender individuals (scary isn’t it) but so many are in denial of this fact and want to attack a vulnerable minority such as the Transgender Community because many do not have the knowledge or compassion to understand what being Transgender involves.

Sign the Petition No “Bathroom Bill” in Ohio.

BJE (3).png

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