The Philippines Just Elected Its First Out Transgender Person To Public Office

As polls close on Monday, Geraldine Roman is poised to take a congressional seat in Bataan, making her the first trans person to hold Philippine public office.

At 94.83% of the national election returns processed, she leads with over 102,000 votes.

Roman has been a popular candidate, especially among low-income voters, whose planned policies include an expanded infrastructure and updated medical equipment at local hospitals in Bataan.

“I am living proof that such a law will allow transgender people to pursue happiness and become productive citizens,” Roman

As she campaigned, Roman positioned her election to the Philippine congress as “a statement that even transgender people can serve our country and should not be discriminated against.”

In the lead for the presidential office is Rodrigo Duterte, a mayor from the city of Davao known as “the Punisher” for his tough stance on crime and lax attitude to extrajudicial killings. Recently, Duterte came under fire for a rape joke he made on his campaign trail.

And Bongbong Marcos is in the lead to become vice president. Marcos is the son of Ferdinand Marcos, who was the Philippine president from 1965 to 1986. He ruled as dictator under martial law from 1972 until 1981.


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