Amos Beede, Transgender Man Assaulted at Homeless Encampment, Dies of Injuries

A transgender man who was badly beaten at a homeless encampment in Vermont last week has died of his injuries, police said.

Amos Beede, 38, died Sunday at the University of Vermont Medical Center of wounds that included head trauma, facial fractures, and broken ribs, Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo said in a statement.

Authorities have not ruled out Beede’s transgender identity as a possible motive for the attack, and they “will seek to determine what role if any it may have played,” police said.

“We will continue to view this homicide as a possible bias incident,” police said.

No one has been charged in the assault.

Police were called to the homeless encampment in the area of Barge Canal on the morning of May 22. Beede was found lying on the ground. Police say he had been attacked hours earlier.

At least ten more transgender people have been fatally shot, stabbed or “killed by other violent means” so far in 2016, according to Human Rights Campaign, a LGBT advocacy group. In 2015, at least 21 transgender people were killed in violent acts, the most ever recorded in a year, Human Rights Campaign reported.

Likely Transgender Individuals per 100,000 People | InsideGov“>Likely Transgender Individuals per 100,000 People



Democratic Party of Richmond County Convention

Last night the Democratic Party of Richmond held their County Convention nominated State Sen. Diane Savino, Assemblyman Matthew Titone, Assemblyman Michael Cusick, as well as three sitting Civil Court judges, Barbara Panepinto, Kim Dollard, and Philip Straniere to be on the party line for our borough.

Things that happened that WILL NOT be mentioned in our local paper the “Staten Island Advance” half of our party slate is female identified. That’s right HALF! We the Democratic Party of Staten Island are letting Female Identified people LEAD THE WAY. Starting with State Senator Diane Savino.

The party did something else last night that won’t be mentioned in the local paper. The more powerful story somehow missed  last night by the Staten Island Advance was that  for the first time in Staten Island history a transgender person Bryan John Ellicott (Yea that would be me) addressed a political convention, sadly however it was tTHE SAME NIGHT that in  BROOKLYN a TRANSPERSON was ASSAULTED!?! The same day a ciswoman was ASSAULTED in a women’s restroom for “looking like a dude.” in another state. It’s pretty clear that Transgender people are under attack.

I was asked by Assemblymember Matthew Titone to second the nomination for his re-election.

“Few people (we later found out none) like me have had this chance. I made the most of it. However, I am thankful to Chris Bauer, Michael Arvanites, Bobby Digi and the other men in the room…who understand what needed to be said. While we supportAssemblymember Matthew Titone as our voice of the vulnerable citizens of SI.”

I spoke of his continued fight for the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) next to sponsor Assembly Dick Gottfried. The continued struggle of the LGBT community…and how important it is in Staten Island that we support across the borough our only LGBT elected official and one of few in Albany.

(featured photo credit: Michael Arvanites)



Photo Credit: Roy Moskowitz 


Desfile Nacional Puertorriqueño reconoce la lucha LGBTT…

Pedro Julio Serrano

13179019_10154255239514954_7611313846414973088_nPor primera vez en su historia, el Desfile Nacional Puertorriqueño reconocerá la unidad familiar, el matrimonio igualitario y los derechos LGBTT durante su prominente celebración anual en la Quinta Avenida de la Ciudad de Nueva York.

“Este año, ante la crisis humanitaria y fiscal de Puerto Rico, y las próximas elecciones nacionales, quisimos dar homenaje a las voces, talento y buenas aportaciones de los puertorriqueños sin que nadie se quede atrás. La comunidad LGBTT son nuestros hijos… nuestros vecinos, nuestros amigos, y nuestros familiares. Nosotros creemos que es el amor lo que hace a una familia, así como los valores de amor, respeto, solidaridad e inclusión que son compartidos por toda la humanidad. Familia es familia y este es un ejemplo más de cómo hemos llevado al Desfile a una nueva era de hermandad, conciencia y participación”, dijo Lorraine Cortés-Vázquez, presidenta del Desfile Nacional Puertorriqueño.

El Comité Organizador del Desfile…

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Sign the Petition No “Bathroom Bill” in Ohio

Sharing this on behalf of a friend and fellow activist Tom Morgan of Ohio. As he works to make sure NO “Bathroom Bill” comes to the legislative body in the State of Ohio.

As these ridiculous bathroom bills keep gaining momentum, Transgender people have been put wrongfully in the spotlight being labeled in the same category as perverts, predators, rapists, child molesters and pedophiles. All these accusations are falsified. There is no proof, no evidence or no cases of transgender people assaulting another human being for any reason but to defend themselves. Quite the opposite case thou when it comes to Cisgender individuals. Many many cases of pedophiles, child molesters, peeping toms and rapists are cisgender individuals (scary isn’t it) but so many are in denial of this fact and want to attack a vulnerable minority such as the Transgender Community because many do not have the knowledge or compassion to understand what being Transgender involves.

Sign the Petition No “Bathroom Bill” in Ohio.

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Update On: HB 2

Breaking News:

“The U.S. government filed a lawsuit Monday against North Carolina saying that state entities were in violation of provisions of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Title IX the Education Acts Amendment of 1972 and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act that outlaw discrimination on the basis of sex. The lawsuit comes hours after Gov. Pat McCrory sued the Justice Department, asking a federal court to rule whether the state’s so-called bathroom bill violated U.S. laws” Update On: HB 2




The Philippines Just Elected Its First Out Transgender Person To Public Office

As polls close on Monday, Geraldine Roman is poised to take a congressional seat in Bataan, making her the first trans person to hold Philippine public office.

At 94.83% of the national election returns processed, she leads with over 102,000 votes.

Roman has been a popular candidate, especially among low-income voters, whose planned policies include an expanded infrastructure and updated medical equipment at local hospitals in Bataan.

“I am living proof that such a law will allow transgender people to pursue happiness and become productive citizens,” Roman

As she campaigned, Roman positioned her election to the Philippine congress as “a statement that even transgender people can serve our country and should not be discriminated against.”

In the lead for the presidential office is Rodrigo Duterte, a mayor from the city of Davao known as “the Punisher” for his tough stance on crime and lax attitude to extrajudicial killings. Recently, Duterte came under fire for a rape joke he made on his campaign trail.

And Bongbong Marcos is in the lead to become vice president. Marcos is the son of Ferdinand Marcos, who was the Philippine president from 1965 to 1986. He ruled as dictator under martial law from 1972 until 1981.