What is Best for Staten Island? Winning the race for Congress in the 11th District

While we are all focused on the Primary coming up in New York State on April 19th. Whether you are #FeelinTheBern or #ImWithHer just #MakeSureYouVote

April 19th (1)

We also need to be focused on the many races going on for Congress. That is how we move forward and make sure issues like #HB2 that are dangerous to the transgender and gender non-conforming people of this country don’t happen again.

One of those races is the New York 11th Congressional District coming this November as well.

If you take the #StatenIsandFerry into work this morning, be on the look out for myself and the Democratic Candidate for Congress in the 11th NY District. Richard Reichard

As a favor to me and #ReichardForCongress follow him and like on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Accounts.

He need your support to carry my message throughout #StatenIsland & #Brooklyn. #ReichardForCongress #InvestInAmerica #VoteBlue#Democrat

Please donate to the campaign and ask others.

Meet Richard ReichardDemocratic Candidate for Congress at the Staten Island Ferry

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