Staten Island Councilmember Endorses Trump

Yesterday my representative in The New York City Council stated he is actively supporting Donald Trump for President! This shows how much he doesn’t support his constituents. Especially me and those who live on the south shore in the LGBT community and immigrant communities. This is NOT acceptable! Here is what he said in his Facebook post about his endorsement. 

From CM Joe Borelli post on FB

 Dear friends and fellow Staten Islanders. Yesterday, a story ran in the Staten Island Advance that indicated my intention to support Donald Trump for President. Additionally, an editorial was written questioning my judgment if I did so. Today, I will make no apology of the fact that I am proudly endorsing Donald Trump for President.

This election has made at least one thing clear, people are sick of the Washington beltway cronyism that has stifled repeated attempts to change the status quo, either from the right or left. In my view, what our country needs is a transformation, and in my view, Donald Trump is the candidate best suited to offer the country transformational change. While I would happily support any of the Republican candidates if they were to be the nominee, Mr. Trump not only offers our party the best chance to win but offers America the best opportunity to get back on the right track.

I have met and spoke with Donald Trump, his staff and his advisers many times over the years. The man I met was smart, bold, visionary and unafraid of challenges. Additionally, he’s able to boil complex intellectual ideas on issues like trade, the economy, homeland security and restoring American exceptionalism into ideas that are easily understood by the masses, who are sick of the same old D.C. jargon. These are just a few of the qualities, which will make him a great President. Additionally, the people he’s always surrounded himself with are incredibly bright and talented. After years of seeing politicians select campaign bundlers or what they thought was the politically correct choice, it will be refreshing to see a President surround himself with the finest talent this country has to offer.

Donald Trump is brash, plainspoken, quick to criticize, and not overly consumed by saying things in the most politically correct way. I find his style, his candor and his ability to connect with people very refreshing, as do the millions of Americans who have already voted for him and the millions more who are eager to do so.

While I certainly don’t agree with all of his proposals, I’m yet to encounter a candidate with whom I agree 100% of the time. I’m confident that when Mr. Trump is elected, he’ll be able to work with elected officials of all political persuasions, while not compromising the core values, which make him so appealing.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is motivating people whether his critics like it or not. Aside from packing arenas, a clear indicator of the enthusiasm for his candidacy, he also represents the best opportunity to grow the GOP base. In many early primary states, the Republican turnout is more or almost more than double the Democrats. (AL, AR, GA, NH, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA.)

I have formally asked our State Chairman and State Committee members to be designated a Trump delegate to the convention, and I look forward to voting for him in NY’s primary on April 19th and in the general election in November.


A comment from another of his constituents read as follows:

“Mr. Borelli, as someone who supported you and as one of your constituents, I would like to know your justification of the Ku Klux Klan and Joe Arpaio’s endorsement of Mr. Trump and his refusal to disavow them. I also would like to understand how you endorse someone to be the leader of the free world who has made overtly racist blanket statements regarding Mexicans and Muslims, as well as disrespectful and inferior sentiments towards women. Please explain. I’ll wait…” 

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