Transgender Man Killed By Police Does Anyone Care

Earlier this week, reports of Kayden Clarke 24, from Mesa Arizona started to raise of the death of a transgender and mental illness activist at the hands of the Police.


Many of these reports have misgendered, dead-named and erased his trans-identity. Kayden’s death has been reported on by several websites, but each and every one of them has misgendered him and used the incorrect name.Kayden was an amazing individual, who tried to shine a light on the struggles that people living with Asperger’s face, and he has been shown nothing but disrespect for every single person who has shown no respect for his gender or his identity.


To call Kayden anything other than Kayden, or to refer to him as female spits in the face of his memory, it shows disrespect and it should be called out whenever it is seen.

It’s a horrible, disrespectful thing to do and it disgusts me.


As of the moment, the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave.  Unfortunately, they were not wearing body cameras, so we cannot know exactly what happened in Kayden’s home, but from all reports it would appear that police officers attended a call for help from someone who was suicidal, someone who made them aware that they had a knife when they arrived and indicated that he only wanted to hurt himself.  In response, those police officers shot and killed him.  To me, that sounds like murder.


I’m sure that there will be an investigation into these events, and I hope that the truth comes out and that people face the justice that they deserve, unfortunately, people can’t even show Kayden enough respect to use the correct name and pronouns, so that kind of justice will probably never come.


Rest in peace Kayden.




#HisNameWasKayden  #RIPKaydenClarke

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