Press Conference & Rally on Data Collection in NYC

Feb. 9th at 2pm at The Steps of City Hall, will be a press conference on three pieces of legislation regarding data collection. If you are available we’d love to see as many people from all walks of life and identities from across the city.

Three bills are sitting in the council on data collection. The hearing on the bills was done also together last spring (5/11/15). I was one of the advocates that testified at the request of CM Dromm for the Intro 552 (LGBTQ data collection) many of the suggestion I made were then added later on after my testimony. As I mentioned at the meeting I (Bryan John Ellicott) am co-facilitating this press conference with Noilyn Abesamis-Mendoza from Coalition for Asian American Children and Families

These are the bills will are discussing and asking for the New York City Council to pass quickly so them may be moved to the Mayor for signing and put into effort as soon as possible.

Intro 251 (Asian Pacific American)
Intro 551 (Mixed Race)


Intro 552 (Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation)

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