My reaction to Katie Couric’s Interview with Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera

Katie was asking a sincere question that people are curious about. I wasn’t offended by it and wouldn’t be if she asked me.

The two ladies were on her show to talk about being trans. They weren’t just on the show because they are a model and actress.

The average viewer watching knows nothing about trans women, trans men or the transgender community as a whole, or what it takes to transform from one gender to the other.

One positive thing about asking the question, and if it were explained, is that not so bright people would understand that these two lovely ladies are not men in dresses. They aren’t going to rape other women in the bathroom, like that crazy woman thinks. Even if you don’t get SRS, people should be educated to see that we are “real” women and not some freak show.

And yeah, some trans folk seem to think that if you ask the question you are transphobic! That’s silly! I know trans women and trans men including myself that freely talk about it. And others that don’t.

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