“Transgendered” Is Not a Word

This doesn’t need to be a long post. The title says it all. “Transgendered” is not a word. For some reason, though, people use it all the time. Honestly every time someone uses the term “transgendered” it feels like being stabbed. 

The adjective is “transgender” or “trans” for short.

Examples of usage:

She is transgender.

Zi is trans.

The transgender community includes many diverse identities, all of which might be considered trans.

There has never been a reported case of transgender people using bathrooms for devious purposes.

Being trans is not a condition. It’s not something that has happened to a person. It is who a person is.

“Transgender” is not a verb. Thus, a person can not transgender, nor can a person be transgendered. (A person can transition, and a person can have transitioned.)

For some reason when I hear people say “transgendered,” it sounds like “mutated” or “disfigured.” It makes it sound like trans people aren’t real people. It’s grammatically incorrect and belies an understanding and respect for trans people and their identities.

Is this semantics? Yes.
Is it important? Yes.
Is continued use of “transgendered” offensive? Yes.



5 comments on ““Transgendered” Is Not a Word

  1. I think a lot of the confusion comes in about this differentiation because of the common use of the term “gendered” as precedings various words, e.g. gendered pronouns, gendered language, and gendered bathrooms. A lot of English words work such that it’s natural (though incorrect in this case) to use the same “-ed” suffix when talking about a transgender person, as the language construct seems to be an adjective identical to one of the aforementioned examples.
    While this may explain WHY it happens and is challenging for some people to catch on to the difference, it is definitely important that we refer to people in the polite manner which they would prefer.

  2. androguyandcat says:

    I’m transgendeR and have written transgenderED before. I apologize. Wasn’t trying to offend. 😦

  3. Reblogged this on In the Eyes of Mika and commented:
    This explains my feelings on the use of the term “transgendered.” Please stop using transgendered when you mean transgender. Being transgender is not a condition. The use of transgendered is offensive.

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