New York Ballot Proposals

Proposal 1Authorizing Casino Gaming 

The proposed amendment to section 9 articles 1 of the Constitution would allow the legislature to authorize up to seven casinos in New York State for the legislation purposes of promoting job growth, increasing aid to schools, and permitting local government to lower property taxes through revenues generated.


  • Legalized casinos are a predatory scheme to raise money from the poor and vulnerable. They would lead to an increase in compulsive gambling, which has financial and social consequences for victims and their loved ones.


  • Casinos attract illegal activities such as forgery, fraud, theft, embezzlement and prostitution. These and other problems caused by gambling could cost the state nearly $400 million per year.


  • We should not permit casinos in New York before we more carefully study their potential impact. Casinos do not guarantee economic development and sometime have little overall economic effort.


  • Casino in New York will not be especially profitable, and will have limited impact on regional economies, because the Northeast has recently become saturated with casinos.


Proposal 2- Additional Civil Service Credit for Veterans with Disabilities Certified Past- Appointment.


  • This exemption would allow cities and towns to maintain high-quality sewage systems without exceeding their constitutional debt limitations


  • This proposal would allow municipalities to continue an appropriate financial management practice that has been in place for over 50 years.

Proposal 6- Increasing Age until which Certain State Judge Can Serve


  • Proposition 6 is a step toward ending age discrimination. NYS Judges are forced to retire at age 70 due to a clause in our state constitution that was written in 1869 when people lived an average of 40 years. NYS Judges are the only people in NYS that are forced to retire due to age 



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