Transgender Awareness Month- November 2013

November is Transgender Awareness Month

Giving us a chance to look at the many aspects of the transgender community many of us have never thought about before. There is no one way to look at the Transgender community and gender identify verses gender expression. This month is a chance to look at all of those things.

It also should be a chance too look what some people can do as an ally to the transgender community.

Why is the Transgender cause important to me?

The transgender cause is not only important to me because I am transgender and am aware of the struggle of many of the things that the transgender community. Also with the continuous need to bring to light that the transgender community does not have the same basic human rights as the rest of the LGB community. Transgender people and non-conforming people can be discriminated against in regards to their employment, housing, public accommodations and many other things. Many of things can’t happen too the gay and lesbian population they have those protections. I am fighting for those protections for the rest of the transgender community and myself so we can be on the same level of basic human rights with the rest of our community.

 Why this cause should be important to you?

I have personally witnessed that over the course of my transition over the past two years of living as Bryan that my friends and co-workers and those who spend a great deal of time taking and interest in the transgender community and learning about the community in a way they haven’t before because they see someone they care about doing it and it affects them differently.


2 comments on “Transgender Awareness Month- November 2013

  1. minicatexdd says:

    Reblogged this on lgbtbeaware.

  2. The irony of me being trans and born in November.

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