Love without bo…

Love without borders? Ignoring borders won’t make them go away. Borders of poverty, of war and of social labels surround us where ever we go, cutting through the flesh. Our race turns from a source of joy into a suffocating limitations; rules of sexuality and gender prevent us from being who we are and loving whom we want; biological diversity is locked behind the bars of cages that imprison other animals. The borders always surround us. But we can climb over them and gnaw at them, slip and help others slip under barbed wire, deceive the guards and paint the walls with bold graffiti. We must struggle because every border surrounds someone chained, someone who is our ally in struggle, love, and liberation.

Cross borders of gender. Betray borders of of nation. Overcome borders of species. Break through racial borders…” Israeli radical queer group, Black Laundry.

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