Bill De Blasio- LGBT Community Plan and Commitment to Equality

Bill’s vision for NYC has resonated with New Yorkers throughout the city, including myself, which is why I am excited to see De Blasio administration at the helm of our next city government. As Bill tells it, there are nearly 400,000 millionaires (based on assets) who call our city home, but nearly half of our neighbors still live at or near the poverty line. At the same time, our middle class keeps leaving the city. Bill has the passion, experience, and dedication to address the income inequalities facing our city.


But this is an LGBT event for Bill so I want to take a moment to discuss Bill’s commitment to the LGBT community. From preventing hate crimes and bullying, to expanding supportive services for people with HIV/ AIDS, to winning full legal protection for transgender New Yorkers, Bill is committed to full equality for every LGBT New Yorker. Bill also has a plan for the LGBT community, which will,



·    Increase support for homeless LGBT youth services for the beds and other materials needed. Bill’s budget will base line funding for LGBT homeless youth and work to expand street outreach teams and supportive housing. LGBT youth face a much higher risk of homelessness than their heterosexual peers, and those numbers are borne out in our City’s shelter system—which is unwelcoming and dangerous to LGBT youth.


·    Broaden access to housing for LGBT seniors by working with the Department for the Aging and community-based organizations to increase LGBT-specific housing and care options that treat LGBT seniors.


·    End discrimination against LGBT bi-national families by fighting for federal reform and ensuring city agencies extend full recognition and benefits to same-sex couples regardless of immigration status.


·    Expand health insurance coverage in the LGBT community by leading an aggressive campaign to enroll LGBT New Yorkers in public and affordable private insurance plans that meet their needs.




One comment on “Bill De Blasio- LGBT Community Plan and Commitment to Equality

  1. Kumar Gautam says:

    Do read and comment on poem about LGBT & their right to love

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