CUNY’s Hunter College vs. Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Students from CUNY’s Hunter College have been petitioning for the past three years for signs to locate where gender-neutral bathrooms are located on their campus on their campus on.

Hunter College like most CUNY schools in the New York City area have only two gender neutral bathrooms on their campus, one of them is located at the Thomas Hunter building where these pictures where taken. These  Sign Pictures show when the sign was placed and how the sign looked after being vandalized three days later. The author of this tumbler post makes it clear “We just want a safe place to pee”

As Alumni of a CUNY school, I can understand and feel the lack of safety for these students. I attended the College of Staten Island and started my transition on that very campus. This school also has only two gender-neutral bathrooms as well.  I can tell you from first hand experience how ill placed they are and how unless you know where they are you can’t find them with some forum of sign.

I also can tell you that it’s taken as a joke these bathrooms, people think it’s a place to hook up, and look at other genders because you can. I personally had a conversation with a cisgendered student about how she went into a GN bathroom to re-apply her lipstick and decided she didn’t want anyone else in there with her.  She could have walked down the hall to the female bathroom but she “didn’t feel like it” she didn’t understand why we needed our own bathrooms.

This is again the need for education on the trans* community and the daily struggle some of us face within society and within our selves.  I can speak from first hand experience I was too scared to step foot in a male bathroom until I worked for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) after Hurricane Sandy, because I had no choice and didn’t have time to go find a Starbucks in the area (Starbucks only has gender neutral bathrooms).

During my time at CSI, I was horrified of going into the male bathroom because of the other cisgendered male students that go there. I know someone would have an issue with it and I could end up in danger.

  • CUNY students need to be able to feel safe
  • CUNY students need to be able to safely use the restroom and not be in fear
  • CUNY students need to clean facilities for those who are trans* or gender non-conforming



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