Why I started Transgender Bisexual Political Nerd

As my following of this blog grows, and with less than 30 days until Primary Day here in New York City. I thought I would write an introduction about myself, and share why I have the passion and love for politics that I do. I will set the expectations of this blog moving forward and what are my goals for the coming year for the LGBT community on all issues in my mind.

My name is Bryan Ellicott, and I am 24 years old. I live in the great city of New York. I do identify as Transgender (FTM) and bisexual. I have been involved in NYC politics for 3 years. Yes only three years ago…I decided to take my major in Political Science and Philosophy and to make it all real. I would make moves all over the political world in New York City, and I would establish myself as a force in the progressive movement of politics in New York City.

I was born and raised in Staten Island, New York.. I went to public school and college in Staten Island. Now Staten Island is one of the most conservative boroughs in New York City. It’s the home of people like Andrew Lanza, Vincent Ignizo, James Oddo, Michael Cusick and Diane Savino.

So I always wondered if, I was the only one who thought about the issues like Stop and Frisk, LGBT rights, the environment, bike lanes, and climate change. It wasn’t until I met people like Debi Rose and Matt Titone that I realized maybe I wasn’t too far off.

I have a connection too this city that started at the age of three, because when I was three years old, my dad Lt. Brian John Ellicott would join EMS in the City of New York. It would be my first public service, because I would give up moments of my life that I couldn’t back. My Dad would has no option sometimes but miss those first days of school, school functions, highlight moments in my life. It would show me the struggle within agencies. The moment that would set my life as it is now in motion would be when my Dad passed away on November 26th 2007. I was 18 years old and I was not the man I am now.

My Dad’s passing away from 9/11 related illness came at a time when I was trying to find myself, it flipped me upside for a really long time.

I have made it my business to make sure that all of my personal diverse groups I identify with are represented across the board, I am the son of a 9/11 hero, I am transgender, I am bisexual, I am Irish, I am a Democrat, I am a Staten Islander…but more importantly I AM A PERSON.

This blogs mission is showing you the people who support and encourage us to become that city I imagine, and until I decide its my time to do that by running for office. I will support and help all the candidates and causes I believe in

  • The Dream Act
  • GENDA (Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act)
  • ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act)
  • Transgender Military Service
  • Women Reproduction Freedom

that is what I want to do here. Educate …Share and encourage a conversation. ????????????????????????????????????

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